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EZ Up Style Event Tent of every shape and every size. If you can conceive it, we can make it a reality. Point being, Silver Star Displays has got you 'covered.

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Our client includes major manufacturers, churches, governmental agencies, and any one else looking to expand their brand with our EZ UP Style Event Tents. Take a look through the selections we offer, using the links below. If you have questions and are not finding the answer you need online, please give one of our trade show experts a call.


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Our new and improved standard tent frame makes our most economical, popular and best-selling tent an even better value!

  • NEW user-friendly push buttons for easier set-up, won’t pinch fingers
  • Sturdy, steel frame with improved scratch resistant coating
  • Perfect for fairs, festivals and other events; indoor and outdoor





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New and improved with a sturdier, more durable frame with easier to use levers for leg adjustment.

  • Upgraded heavy-duty steel frame
  • Frame slides easily into place with ABS plastic gliders.
  • Peak features hand crank for additional tension





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The premier portable shelter features a durable, lightweight, rust free frame that is the ultimate value and ease of set-up.

  • Heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum frame; 13 lbs. lighter than our other 10’ frames
  • Frame slides easily into place with ABS plastic gliders
  • Peak features hand crank for additional tension





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This new tent has a sewn in vent on each of the canopy peaks with the same great frame features as our Deluxe tent.

  • Vented top helps minimize impact of windy conditions
  • Used indoors and out for on location promotions, tradeshows and tailgating events
  • Available in a white canopy only





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Our Deluxe tent is now available in a 10’ x 15’ size, offering the same great features in a larger size model.

  • Upgraded heavy-duty steel frame
  • Frame slides easily into place with ABS plastic gliders
  • Peak features hand crank for additional tension





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This 10’ x 20’ event tent offers you even more space without giving up the same great features as our smaller Deluxe models

  • Upgraded heavy-duty steel frame
  • Frame slides easily into place with ABS plastic gliders
  • Peak features hand crank for additional tension





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Market and sell your products at your next festival or retail event with the ShowStopper Concession Stand. The six-sided construction, with counters all around, will attract and excite your customers.

  • White laminated counter top easily supports up to 100 lbs.
  • Durable 210 denier poly fabric canopy and skirt.
  • Internal shelving perfect for off-ground storage.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame.







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Is it time to replace that old tent canopy or time to upgrade your tent graphics?  This section has all of your tent canopy needs covered to help your brand shine!

  • Various options available for replacement canopies and graphics
  • Perfect for fairs, festivals and other events; indoor and outdoor





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Our event tent accessories will take your display to a whole new level with various options and styles to choose from.

  • Various options and styles of backwalls and sidewalls
  • Perfect way to set your brand apart from competitors
  • Perfect for fairs, festivals and other events; indoor and outdoor





Wholesale Pipe And Drape


Pop Up Displays | What Are Pop Up Displays?

Hello, welcome to Silver Star Displays! In this blog we will be discussing Pop Up Displays. What are they and how can they be used?

Pop Up Trade Show Displays have been around for many year and have been re-imagined countless times from single to hinged channel bars, various printing methods, accessories, monitors mounts, shelves, lighted panels and the list goes on. Even with all these changes, one thing remains the same, their simplicity and ease of installation. This is why we believe they are here to stay. So, how do they go together you might ask.

1. Remove the lid of the case and remove the expandable frame.

2. Removed the rollable panels from their protective bag.

3. Remove the channel bars from the rollable hard case.

4. Expand the frame to full extension.

5. Apply the channel bars to the expanded frame starting from top to bottom.

6. Attach the panel to the hooks at the top of the frame and roll the panels down, while making sure to keep the magnets on the channel bars touching the panels.

7. Attach the end caps in the same fashion as the center panels.

8. Attach lighting to the top of the pop up display.

And there ya go, a brand new pop up display. It is that simple. Silver Star Displays can help you come up with an amazing design and with some of the fastest turn around times online we can get it to you on time!

Pop Up Displays are of great use anytime you need to divide a space, need a green screen, backdrop, have as visual gimmick for photos.

The Trade Show Displays You Choose Say A Lot About Your Company

The Trade Show Displays You Choose Say a Lot about Your Company

Each year your company has the opportunity to attend several different types of trade shows that you can use to showcase your products or the services you have offer. If you are like many companies, these shows are the only chance you have to connect with other businesses and with the general public to let them see who are and what you have to offer. If this is the cases, the types of show booths you choose are going to prove to be very important to your success.

You are going to find that as you prepare to head out to your next trade show that you will need to start planning how you are going to set up your trade show display and more importantly what type of trade show display booth you are going to be using.  Since you only have one goal, which is to attract as many people as possible with your show displays, you need to make sure that everything you pick to go the show with you from the show booths to your samples, display materials and any promotional giveaway items are the best you can find.

As you start to pull the materials together, you need to give careful thought to the actual trade show display booth you are going to be using as this is going to be the foundation upon which you will be building the rest of your display. If you opt for one of those overly basic show booths and you have a large area to work with, your display is going to look very small and unappealing to anyone who happens to pass you by.

If you are ready to buy a new booth, you should consider investing in a modern, state of the art truss trade show displays. You will find that by the very nature of their design, these booths will help to give your booth a very organized look, which is what many people are looking for when they are at the different trade shows. They come in a variety of different styles and generally come as kits that are easy to transport set up.

As for what size these truss trade show displays come in, you will find that unless you custom order one to fit your space, they come in 10×10, 10×20 or 20×20 feet sizes as these are the most common floor space allotments available for rent at the most trade shows. You might want to take a close look at the different trade show venues you plan to attend to see what dimensions the floor spaces they have available are. You would not want to arrive with a 20×20 truss booth only to find out that the biggest floor space they have is a 10×10.

One of the most popular reasons that truss trade show displays have become so popular is that you can order them in an amazing array of custom shapes and styles to suit your company’s needs. Most companies like them for their built in strength. This way if you need to use interactive displays or large flat screen displays, you will find that the truss system is more than strong enough to support the extra weight and can keep the displays high enough that everyone in attendance can see them.

You can also hang banners up high enough, depending which of the different show booths you buy, that they can be easily seen from all the way on the other side of the room or area that you are in. This can make it much easier for everyone in attendance to see where your trade show booth is located no matter where they are. The easier you are to find, the more visitors you are likely to have. Another advantage to being able to mount your larger graphics up high is that it frees up all of the lower areas for you to use for smaller displays or table displays where you can display samples of the products you are marketing as well as literature for your visitors to take home with them.

When you are ready to buy a truss display booth to take with you to your next trade show and make sure that your company gets the attention it needs to secure more business, you need to contact Silver Star Displays. We can help you with all of your trade show display booth needs at very reasonable prices.


What can pipe and drape be used for

Pipe and Drape is mainly used to hide or decorate a space temporarily. It is the most cost effective way to divide booth spaces at exhibition events. It can be seen as a stage background at speeches and shows. You can use pipe and drape at specialty events like weddings, dances, and parties. There is a large number of people who use it to cover unwanted decorations at an event location. Recently we have seen Pipe and Drape being used for Photo Booths. The reality is simply this, Pipe and Drape is the perfect solution when you are looking to seperate, decortate or even possibly cover something up or block out light and distraction of a space at an affordable price point.

Pipe And Drape

What is Pipe And DrapeWhat is Pipe And Drape

What is Pipe And Drape

What is Pipe And Drape

Pipe and drape is commonly used for creating partitions or dividers. Most commonly pipe and drape is seen at trade shows or weddings. It is cost-effective, versatile and easy to install or relocate. Pipe and drape consist of three major hardware parts, Uprights, Bases and Drape Supports. In addition to the pipe and drape hardware you also have your choice of several different fabric choices for your pipe and drape system. Each fabric has its own unique characteristics for example Banjo fabric is the lightest weight and most economical drape that we carry and it still fire-retardant, 25oz cotton velour is the heaviest and most sound absorbing material that Silver Star carries. Recently Silver Star has seen a large increase in the number of order for pipe and drape photo booths in the past year. This only attest to the versatility of pipe and drape kits. When planning out your system we recommend drawing the layout first, this will help you to over come some potential headaches along the way. The last thing you want to do is end up with too little or too many uprights bases or drape supports. A common question we get here is “how do I know how many drapes I need”. There is a simple and a more in-depth answer. Simple answer is 3-4 panels per 10′ section. There are a few factors that come into play when deciding how many panels to order, first would be the type of material you are needing. Banjo comes in 48″ width while Poly Premier and most other Pipe and Drape Panels come in 60″ width. The second thing to consider is the effect you are going for. If you are going for a “gathered” effect then you would go with four panels per 10′ section, if not, you would be fine with 3. This article covers the basics of What pipe and drape is.  Subscribe to our blog for our next article and more information on pipe and drape “What is the difference between slip fit and screw in uprights and bases”

Pipe And Drape Questions Answered

Pipe & Drape Questions answered

Q: What is The difference between the different materials used in pipe and drape?

A: Banjo fabric is the most economical fabric available today, it is also the most common fabric when renting a pipe and drape booth. Poly Premier is the next step up from that it has a smooth appearance and it most closely resembles poly twill table throw covers. If you are looking for a fabric that is heavier or ” light blocking” . You are going to want to start with our Duvatine. Our Duvatine fabric is the most cost-effective fabric we offer, while is doesn’t block out 100% of light it will take about 95% out of your way. Up from there you have IFR velour’s and Cotton Velour’s. These range is price and thickness from 14 oz. to 25 oz.

Q: What if I need an Adjustable Pipe & Drape Backdrop ?

A: Silver Star Displays has a solution for all your pipe and drape needs. we carry adjustable uprights from 3′ all the way up to 20′. All you have to do is let us know how tall and how wide, we’ll put the pieces together for you.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: Yes, we do. We have a variety of discount programs such as, but not limited to; school, university, military, government agency discounts. Call us today and find out if we can save you money. Not to mention our price match guarantee*


Welcome To Silver Star DisplaysWelcome To Silver Star Displays

Welcome To Silver Star Displays

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Pipe and drape – why it’s greatPipe and drape – why it’s great

Pipe and drape – why it’s great

Pipe and drape? what makes it so great?


Glad you asked, pipe and drape is great because it can easily change the entire look and feel of your event, not to mention do it for a pretty low price. Pipe and drape is commonly used by colleges, grade schools, production companies, wedding and event planners, fashion shows and even churches and construction companies. Pipe and drape is every where. You can even use the frame work to create something different, you need a step and repeat banner or a custom printed backdrop….. you guessed it, pipe and drape is your answer. With all these uses you might be thinking “how hard are these system to assemble” they answer is, they are simple. If you can put a hook in a slot you’ve already got it down. below is an image of one clients use of pipe and drape that we thought was pretty cool. Let us know what you come up with.