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Please use the pipe and drape wholesale links below to make your selection. They are divided into three sections. Pipe And Drape Hardware, Drapes and Pipe And Drape Kits. If you are unsure of which items you need, please give customer service a call for fastest service.

Pipe and Drape Wholesale | Hardware

This section includes all of our Wholesale Pipe and Drape Hardware: Uprights, Crossbars ( Drape Supports), Bases, Edge Protectors, Nipples, Hooks and everything Pipe and Drape Hardware related.

Pipe and Drape Wholesale | Drapes

Pipe And Drape Wholesale Drapes

This section includes all of our Wholesale Pipe and Drape Drapes Fabric: Banjo, Poly Premier, Duvatyne, Satin, and all specialty fabrics                                                                                                                     

Wholesale Pipe and Drape Kits

Pipe And Drape Wholesale Kits, Trade Show Backdrops

This section includes our Wholesale Pipe and Drape Kits. We have any size and shape you can think of. We have put these packages together to make it easier when ordering. If there are any configurations that you need to have custom made, don't worry we can take care of you!


What Is Pipe And Drape?

Pipe and Drape is the American alternative to shell scheme and has been the standard for trade shows in the United States for over forty years.  Both Pipe and Drape Kits and shell scheme accomplish the same goal, define the  exhibitors space; however these kits perform this function at fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time.  Our system uses a limited number of components that are connected together to form exhibit stands in various sizes and also does not require the use of any tools. 

The basic components are bases, uprights, drape supports and draperies.  Steel bases that are either light or heavy weight rest on the floor with lightweight aluminum uprights that simply slip over a nipple attached to the base.  Draperies made from flame resistant fabrics have rod pockets for the drape support to slide through.  Aluminum drape supports feature steel hook ends or plastic that slip into slots located on the top and 3 foot marks of the uprights.  Pipe and Drape Wholesale Booth stands may be stand alone booths or connected together in rows with many of the components being shared by adjacent booths.  The whole system is assembled in a matter of a few minutes and is entirely reusable.  At the conclusion of the event Pipe & Drape Kits are dismantled and is easily stored using a variety of different methods from storage bags to rolling storage carts.  The proper storage solution is determined by the amount of Pipe and Drapes used.

If you have any questions at all about our Pipe and Drape Systems, please feel free to give us a call today!


What Can Pipe And Drape Be Used For?

Pipe and Drape is mainly used to hide or decorate a space temporarily. It is the most cost effective way to divide booth spaces at exhibition events. It can be seen as a stage background at speeches and shows. You can use our wholesale pipe and drape kits at specialty events like weddings, dances, and parties. There is a large number of people who use it to cover unwanted decorations at an event location, think wedding backdrops. Recently we have seen Pipe and Drape Wholesale Kits being used for Photo Booths. The reality is simply this, Pipe and Drape kits are the perfect solution when you are looking to separate, decorate or even possibly cover something up or block out light and distraction of a space at an affordable price point.


Pipe And Drape Photo Booths

Pipe and Drape Photo Booths have seen explosive growth recently. Silver Star Displays is proud to be one of the premier supplier of these Photo Booth Systems. So what has made them, so popular. In short profitability. The average 8′ tall Pipe and Drape Photo Booth will cost around $400-$600. Depending on the area in the U.S. the average rate for a Photo Booths at any event is anywhere from$ 500-$900 depending on various factors. Our client stand to make amazing profits and or save a lot of money by making a Photo Booth from Pipe and Drape. Of course there are additional items you must purchase that Silver Star does not provide. If you are ready to get started with your Pipe and Drape Photo Booth give us a call and one of our trade show experts will be happy to help you put the perfect package together.